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Polystyrene Foam Four Steps Hierarchy and the Recycle Way When Reuse Wastes

Polystyrene is a product which is produced from naphtha. But, after the transformation process of petroleum in refineries and only 0.2% of the crude oil can be used in Europe. In fact, most of the shopper use more oil driving to the supermarket than that is used in polystyrene packaging which can protect their products. And a polystyrene hot beverage cup require about less than 50% energy to produce than a similar coated paperboard cup that have a corrugated cup sleeve.

The plastic can reduce the waste, especially the food plastic waste. The shelf life of a salad is enhanced by up to ten days when packaged in high impact polystyrene. So you can know the waste plastic are produced every day and there so much waste need to handle. Thus, recycling the waste is necessary.

A key benefit of polystyrene is that it can be recycled and some recycling programs are set up all over the world. Unlike polystyrene, most single use, coated paperboard food service packaging materials are not recycled because of coating and paper cannot be separated economically. Polystyrene foam can be reprocessed and molded into new packaging products.

In fact polystyrene is generally not a high profile target in recycling terms. It is not like glass, paper, aluminum cans, batteries and tyres. But some recyclers may not consider the matter. The polystyrene recycling can be done easily for everyone, especially with the help of some machines. Just like our GREENMAX machines which can recycle all kinds of waste plastics. Of-course, the polystyrene foam is included.

The ways to recycle is that you can sort your waste, and put them aside and choose the recyclable polystyrene. Then you can take it to drop off site or put it out for collection. Then the recycling process include that the polystyrene is collected, treated, taken to a factory, broken down or melted and used to make new products. Of-course, the polystyrene is using recyclable rather than raw material to make new products.

But do you know how to recycle by yourself?

In fact, you need to find out where is the polystyrene foam from. Also you can help schools or community to start a collection program. So now you can start your plan.
But, the recycling career is a great task that you need the help of machines. The machines include compactor, dewatering machines and melting machines which can recycle and handle waste polystyrene, PET bottles, paper cartons, and so on. So any help, you can turn to GREENAMX for help.