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Resource Recycling Industry Have A New Action


Recently, in accordance with the service concept "no roadblocks set up signs", the Market Authority improved service performance and did the registration work. For zone renewable resource recycling system, take the following approach:


For the business industry and households that are in line with layout planning and setting conditions, issued the business license to them as soon as possible.

For the companies that do not meet the set standards, shall not be registered.

Up to now, nearly 300 enterprises got the business license.


business industry processing

Market Authority clearly specialized departments and personnel responsible for renewable resource recycling market supervision, and assisted the authorities to engage in renewable resource recycling market rectification work. It has banned 15 unlicensed operators households, issued 32 parts "rectification notice". For two unlicensed outlets that refused to rectification, temporarily taken coercive measures.


Half of the market will shut down in Beijing Tongzhou.


Recently, Tongzhou district government office issued "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the region's commodity trading market adjustment " This is No. 1 Document in Tongzhou in 2016. More than 90 markets will be repaying separately or upgrade, which repel market accounted for more than half.


4 renewable resources market will be fully cleaned up and returned, the Business Committee is responsible for regular public tender, 1-2 renewable resource recycling companies are responsible for the region's renewable resource EPS recycling sorting processing.


Thus, faced with repaying and transformation do not just include waste plastics industry.


new Action

Copper Chuan Antai renewable resource recycling system construction project system "the third installment of the province's renewable resource recycling system construction project" covers an area of 180 acres, a total investment of 68 million yuan, mainly composed by two parts that are the integrated distribution market and grassroots recycling network system.


Currently, the project is progressing well. It has completed infrastructure facilities such as the laying of water supply network, electric power supply, monitor installation. Renewable resources comprehensive distribution trading center plant roads, factories, office buildings, renewable resources, showrooms and greening projects have been fully completed, finished 2 recovery gather transfer station, purchased 22 environmentally friendly mobility recovery vehicles, all the production equipment ordered in place, which scrapped automobiles decomposition equipment were put into operation, completed more than 35 million yuan investment.


After the completion of the project, we can provide more than 800 jobs, but also has great significance to regulate waste polyethylene recycling site, accelerate recovery system construction, improve the ecological environment in Tongchuan City, improve city services.


Waste plastic garbage recycling has long way to go, resource utilization situation is imminent.


Intco recycling company

From a lot of news, reflects the strong point, the construction of renewable resource recycling system is constantly set off an upsurge in the country, with the large amount of plastic products, the scope of plastic waste is also increasing. Plastic trash has become a "junk Besieged City". As the world's largest producer of plastics, recycling of plastic waste has long way to go.