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Styrofoam Recycling Compactor Technology Development and Improvement

Engineers are very busy now in Greenmax factory as new technology and products have been upgrading and improving. To provide better and more convenient Styrofoam recycling densifier, we have develop new technology and make some changes.

blowing machine part

Styrofoam have wide use, such as Styrofoam tableware. Styrofoam tableware is high quality, clean, sanitary, and inexpensive, which have bought great convenience to people’s lives and have prevented an accident because of strict disinfection and cause cross-infection. The fast food industry has long been the preferred packaging container.

styrofoam seafood boxes

However, due to its resistance to degradation in the natural environment on their own after use, coupled with poor management and people’s environmental consciousness. It is quite common to throw away waste Styrofoam and have compact on cityscape and ecological environment. So waste Styrofoam are regarded as white pollution, which led to new environmental problems.

machine operation

So Styrofoam recycling machine could help get Styrofoam pollution problem. Now we have add blowing machine to the Styrofoam recycling machine, and machine operation test show us upgraded machines operated much better.

compacted styrofoam

Also, Styrofoam have a great demand for seafood packaging. Our Styrofoam recycling machines have been sold to countries all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States. We have so many successful cases and proven cases. Our new technology development and improvement can also attract more customers.