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Supreme Court of New York Overturned the Ban On Use of Plastic Foam

New York news:

A public decision issued on September 22nd, the Supreme Court of New York overturned the decision to ban the use of plastic containers in New York City.

Situation previously:

For the problem whether foam plastic should be used, the people began to vote from 2013 and New York City legislative requires the City Health Department to investigate whether plastic foam can be effectively recycled. Along with the various parties debated the problem, and now finally settled.
plastic foam cups

From July 1 this year, restaurants, shops and manufacturers will not be allowed to hold certain kinds of foam products, including disposable foam lunch boxes, even foam packaging filled grains.

New York hopes to expand to whole cities of the United States by using disable foam plastics in the largest city of the United States.

However, the opposition is increasingly strong, the industry alliance in the production of manufacturers, recycling operators and hotel operators to lodge sue, said the ban is based on the political level, rather than policy, the recycling of plastic foam is feasible.

Foam plastic:

Foam plastic container is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), commonly used to give food warming in street stalls and food stores.

The ban on expanded plastic products is throughout the country, such as San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. The ban has made New York became the largest city in the United States to ban the use of foam plastics.
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Have a course to overturn the ban:

Environmental experts say the ban is an obstacle to the landfill.

State Supreme Court judge Chan Margaret ruled that Garcia Katheryn, director of the environmental sanitation bureau, failed to address the industry's estimates of the market and the chance of a year's observation, and she insisted that the plastic foam could not be recycled.

Catherine did not clearly explain their conclusions, and the evidence is contrary to the ban on EPS foam , the evidence proved: if 40% of the foam plastic is not used to landfill, New York city can save $400 thousand a year, and with the improvement of machinery, 75% of foam plastics will be used for recycling."

Margaret Chan, the judge ruled that demolished the ban, and clearly tell the people about answer that whether EPS can be recycled is "yes", it is undisputed. At the same time, the Ministry of environmental protection of New York need to further consider the position of the ban: to allow indoor EPS compactor, and promote the recovery process of hard PS.

Have a win-win strategy:

Jackson Robert, a former member of the lawsuit, is a leader in the restaurant operations alliance, "this time, the overthrow of the New York city is a huge victory, New York will become the leader of the United States to recycle EPS from solid waste, and can create benefits in the process".

Former deputy mayor Mastro Randy is on behalf of the entire industry challenged the ban, he said, after the overthrow of the ban, the action cleared the way for the Styrofoam recycling of the project in New York city.

It's a win-win for all.