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The Plastic Recycling Giant of South Africa Enter into the Plastic Recycling Industry

Recently, MPACK, manufacturer of plastic products in Africa, announced that they will work with the South Africa Industrial Development Agency to jointly invest 350 million rand to build a plastic recycling plant. The plant will process 29,000 tons of waste PET bottles annually and produce 21,000 tons of new plastic materials.

From the above, it is easily to know that the need of plastics is large and more and more industries begin to attach high importance to plastics. In turn, it will be good to the environment and the phenomenon of waste resource will be changed gradually.

Also, people have already attached importance to the waste plastic recycling. A couple of Germans they married several years ago. It is normal that people will receive some marriage gifts, but this couple’s marriage gifts are special because they received lots of waste PET bottles. They feel happy as they could make contributions to environment and resource saving even at their marriage. From the news you are likely to find this action is absurd, and you probably say that it is impossible to happen in China because your friendship will be broken if you send the couple waste bottles. It is a pity that people in our country haven’t the strong sense of recycling. This is the different conception from east to west. Chinese people pay much attention to emphasize ‘FACE’, sometimes they don’t care about practical. But, the Germany are much more different. They are considerate, practical and have closely logic.

So China’s recycling industry need to improve greatly even the government have pay much more attention to plastic recycling. Our company have made efforts to improve our facilities and explore more ways to handle waste plastic. We purchase waste foam to reproduce useful and beautiful picture frames and we have produced a series of GREENMAX machines to sell at home and abroad. The most important is our machines could deal with waste plastic which is a high technology and environmental protection career.

So it is time to enhance the sense of recycling as the natural resource is lacking, the giant company’s entrance to plastic recycling and lots of countries’ people have taken action. If you have so much waste plastic or related waste products, and you have no good ways to handle them, please ask GRRENMAX for help or sell your wastes to us. We could make full use of the waste plastics.