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Waste plastic particles processing will develop into a hot spot

With plastic used more widely, waste plastics has become more and more, if not timely and effective treatment, it will do harm to the environment, and efficient energy-saving granulator is the "terminator" of waste plastics, the huge market demand, market for renewable plastic granulator is favored more and more.

Plastic products in China have great potential for development, expanding the application field of plastic, related to people's life to eat, wear, live, line are closely related to the plastic, has become an indispensable part of people's life, can say where the people can see the plastic, plastic products industry is not only the root of waste plastic, waste plastic is the consumer market.

As a medium-sized polluting plastics factory, need high pressure polyethylene renewable particles in more than one thousand tons, a medium-sized shoe factory in need of PVC renewable particles hundreds of tons, more smaller private enterprises, in need of renewable particles are more than one hundred tons. Plastic recycling industry prospects, both eliminate the white pollution, and save energy and protect the ecological balance, to achieve the virtuous cycle of using of resource, to move a reasonably, so plastic granulating can never be eliminated.

Plastic raw materials market price is influenced by world oil prices rose year by year, the price is high, the regeneration of grain prices also rose, the price of a tonne of waste recycling in 1800-3500 yuan/ton, the market grain price of 5000-12000 yuan per ton, are very profitable.

Today, a medium-sized agricultural plant or plastic products factory, recycled plastic particles year demand has reached more than eight hundred tons.But before the manufacturing equipment and technology of the already far cannot satisfy the needs of today, as a result, people urgently need a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, safety of waste plastic granulator and advanced technology, to improve the ecological environment, at the same time bring us profits and returns.In the face of waste plastics is increasing today, is expecting a profit of infinite business opportunities.

At present, the waste plastics recycling utilization rate is not high, waste plastic recycling plant is not much, especially the distribution, most places almost blank; Industry has developed rapidly in recent years in our country on the other hand, market prosperity, there have been dozens of large plastic market, waste plastic particles have been in short supply, prices go up and up, so the waste plastic particles processing will become the future development of hot spots, as the main processing of renewable plastic granulator machine will have a broad customer base.

Plastic recycling granulator the daily life of waste plastics processed again needed to generate the business of plastic raw material, the price of recycling waste plastics than in recent years, the soaring price of plastic raw materials to come cheap, in support of the country, a new type of continuously recycled plastic granulator is optimized to update, in order to achieve regeneration of plastic raw materials, granular solid, smooth. Therefore, it will have more and more businessmen of all ages.

Recycled plastic granulator operations involved in the broad areas of the national economy, it is not only a large number of industrial and agricultural products indispensable basic production, recycled plastic granulator is also China's big energy consumption, the energy accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of national economy. In addition, the pollution caused by plastic granulator process and is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, plastic granulator technology advances with the development of the whole national economy has a very close relationship.