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We have Produced Construction Molding and Formed a Good Recycling Circle

Our company is a recycling machine which have multiple products and most of our products are sold abroad. We have formed a recycling circle and we hope to buy waste polystyrene foam all over the world.

Now I will introduce our company to you. Our company produce 50000 tons of products by made polystyrene foam material every year. We have 110 production lines and we have more 400 containers will be transported abroad every month. In addition, our purchasing department will purchase more than 2600 numbers of cabinet. From the data, you will wonder how large our production and purchase scale. It is true that we are large and we are one of the largest purchasers of waste polystyrene foam in the world.


Why we say we have formed a very good recycling circle? This is because we buy waste polystyrene foam and we will turn the material into picture frames and construction molding. Our end-products are very popular, especially the decoration in mirror. But in the processing of waste polystyrene foam we need the useful machines’ help.

We have produces several series of machines that can handle all kinds of waste polystyrene foam. Especially, now we pay more attention to sell our Poseidon Series machines. As is known, the beverages are too much every day. So it will be higher in cost and lower in effects, but only depending on labor will have more trouble in cost and effects. So some manufacturers choose to buy one or more machines to help them. Our company have a good cooperation with some world-famous company, such as Pepsi, Nestle, Wal-Mart and so on. These company have to depend on the machines as the waste plastic material is hard to deal with. Also, they want to save cost and save store space.

Our machines have made great improvement within recent years, and we hope more people who deal with waste plastic or production related to waste plastic could use this machine to handle the waste plastics. These actions will benefits people all over the world as environment is important for everyone.


We are a company that we aim to get benefits and we are also a recycling company. We have get the government’s support as we are environmental protection company and can protect more people from polluting the air and soil. Our production principle have influence on people who deal with waste plastics, and they also hope that they can form a good recycling circle.