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Application of new methods to solve the problems of waste foam

In the aspect of thinking about the recycling materials, people always think about the waste papers or batteries. Few of people would think of the polystyrene of Styrofoam.  These two things do not come into people’s minds at first. However, these materials are recyclable and many cities have taken some practical actions to recycle them. If EPS or foam can be recycled properly, it will contribute to the reduction of the white pollution.


The recycling actions which taken by the organizations and the ordinary people will bring many benefits to the environment protection. People use plastic products every day since it provides us with convenience. Polystyrene products can be used to wrap the package, decorate the cars and pack the electronic appliances. Styrofoam can be used to make disposable coffee cups and food containers. In the most of the occasions, people throw away the used packages and containers, therefore, a lot of EPS waste are produced every day.

People can collect the waste plastic products and throw them into the specific recycling bins. Many cities have machines that can process these waste into renewable useful products. The machines usually include compactors, densifiers and melting machines. Styrofoam is actually something that can be recycled but it has to be compressed because it’s about 90 percent air. Once it’s compressed it can be recycled and made into new products.
The densifier will break down and condense items such foam packaging, cups, and shipping supplies into smaller units shaped like bricks. Once the polystyrene is condensed into bricks it will be shipped off to end markets and recycled into plastic products.


People all need to take actions in order to protect the environment. INTCO produces professional compactor and melting machines, provides competitive pricing and hopes to provide a EPS recycling solution in the global market. We are looking for business partners in the area of Styrofoam recycling and we are experienced in export.