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Ban of plastic bags to save marine life

Plastic pollution of the sea caused an increasing number of dead fish, governments around the world have begun to pay attention to this issue, they made a policy of reduction for disposable plastic tableware. It is reported that many governments announced that in the next years at least 50% of all kinds of disposable tableware must be made of the materials of biological origin which can be used as fertilizers at home, and the ratio will be raised.


The aim of the resolution is to slow down the impacts of climate change. Some of the countries want to be the leaders in environmental and energy solutions. It is said that there are thousands of disposable cups are dropped per second worldwide, but the recycling rate is only 1%, mainly due to the material of the cup is polypropylene and polystyrene, of which the recycling rate is very low.
Governments vowed to do environmental protection, making local food packaging manufacturers unhappy. They think the resolution is against law of free movement of goods, some people have asked relevant committee to stop governments to exercise the environmental protection bills, and they asked lawyers to take legal measures.
The current controversy between science statements and manufacturing industries is whether the required energy of the production of environmentally friendly plastic products is lower than the other alternatives. Researchers from the Netherlands University have found that bio - plastics are the best alternative products of petrochemical products, but the manufacture process of bio-plastics requires more energy conservation.
Many governments plan to halve the amount of landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A total ban on the use of plastic bags in the supermarkets began in recent years. In the year of  2002 ,after plastic bags blocked the drainage system and led to the flood event in Bangladesh, the country prohibited the use of plastic bags immediately. It was the first country in the world to ban the use of plastic bags.
After that, several nations have announced bans of plastic bags, supermarkets charge fees for plastic bags. The amount of using the plastic bags dropped fiercely since countries exercised the system of plastic bags charging.


Scientists estimated that there are millions of tons of plastic garbage flowed into the ocean worldwide, unless the governments take effective practical actions to ban the use of plastic products, otherwise the number will be increased by 10 times. It is very necessary for people to recycle plastic products efficiently and save the life of marine lives.
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