Effective measures of reducing the sale of plastic bottles

With the rise of living standard, the life pace is also becoming faster, so people usually would like to choose some convenient products in daily lives. For example, people are more likely to choose the ramen noodles and mineral water instead of the common meals when they are in a hurry to do something. And people have abandoned the use of paper packaging, they are tend to use plastic bags or other plastic products due to their convenience.


However, while these plastic products bring people with too much convenience and benefits, they also cause great damage to the environment. Most of the plastic trash are buried or burned in the landfills. And people even can see the plastic bags flying in the air or on the trees. People all want a clean and healthy environment, but people have done a lot in order to develop the economy in the sacrifice of the environment.
People are getting more used to buy mineral water in the disposable bottles instead of drinking the boiled water at home. Too much discarded water bottles resulted in serious plastic pollution, so in a move to keep plastic beverage bottles from ending up in the landfill or becoming unsightly litter, people are working toward a policy to reduce the sale of disposable plastic bottles. Some of the cities chose to expand the banning of plastic bottles for beverages of all types, including sodas and juices.
According to the latest information from recycling agencies, more than millions of plastic bottles were sold around the world in the past two years, low percent of those were recycled, indicating that the rest were ended up in a landfill or treated as useless trash.


The public ought to bring their own plastic beverage bottles. And they are encouraged to use reusable bottles. This method reduces the waste to some extent. In addition, people ought to reduce the use of other polystyrene products such as EPS foam wraps and always make sure the recyclables are empty, clean and dry before tossed into the recycling containers.
Many companies which have the technology and machines are contributing to the efficient recycling methods. INTCO is a professional company in dealing with waste plastic such as EPS, XPS and PSP. The company also produces recycling machines include compactors and melting machines. INTCO provides people the reasonable price with the advanced technology and service.