EPS insulation with HBCD can be handled by recycling

Pitched roof is the fastest-growing application segment of the roof insulation market. This type of roof is ideal for areas where there are heavy rains and snowfalls in winter. Fiberglass, stone wool, styrofoam (EPS) board, and PUR insulation are the materials that are majorly used for insulating pitched roof. And most of the companies that manufacture roof insulation are using EPS with HBCD (a kind of flame retardant).


The bad situation is that EPS insulation materials containing HBCD for roof are no longer available in many countries. All insulation materials have to be HBCD-free according to the relative regulations. Many companies which manufacture EPS insulation with HBCD may have difficulties in disposing the insulation materials with HBCD.

If, however, the EU decides to allow the petition, the use of HBCD in PS foams for construction applications will be extended until at most 26 November 2019. The material ’s use will then be mandated, including the provision that EPS and XPS materials containing HBCD flame retardants be specially identified. In addition, if it will not be possible to recycle this materials – all scrap will have to be incinerated.

Nowadays, there are many companies which promote environmental protection are committed to providing EPS recycling solutions, such as INTCO. They are committed to recycling for many years and are engaged in the business of purchasing recycled materials. They have professional team and complete service to help companies which are interested in recycling.


GreenMax is the famous brand of INTCO. GreenMax Apolo series compacting machine have the ability to compress the EPS insulation into blocks. It can press the EPS insulation materials with HBCD at a ratio of 50:1. In addition, the EPS insulation materials can also be handled by GreenMax Mars Series, which can melt the EPS insulation materials into ingots.
By the way, the blocks or ingots can be sold to pelletize and turned to other materials. This may be good news for many companies in Europe as well.