EPS scraps deserve to be recycled like other recyclable items


Some people grew up learning the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” for making an environmental impact in the home. They carefully cleaned and sorted glass, aluminum, plastics of certain numbers, and saved up paper and cardboard so it could magically have a new life beyond home. Some people even took the labels off all the jars too! It’s certainly much simpler to recycle most consumer products today except Styrofoam/EPS, but not everybody knows how to reuse that one yet.



Because of products like Styrofoam/EPS was not easy to dispose due to the large volume. But not only could you reduce other waste, reuse those items more than once, and recycle them, but you could purposefully “decide” to dispose Styrofoam that actually can be reused or recycled.

There are even people prohibiting the sale or distribution of Styrofoam/EPS and non-compostable or non-recyclable food ware products. There are new ordinances now prohibit selling or distributing Styrofoam/EPS packaging including home appliance packaging, as well as fish box and other products.


Actually, the banning use of Styrofoam/EPS may lead to a economic decline. Because nowadays the Styrofoam/EPS products are the materials that are much cheaper than other alternatives. If people really ban the use of Styrofoam/EPS, the plastic market will be influenced. So the most possible solution to deal with the Styrofoam/EPS scraps is recycling.

EPS scraps recycling is a quite environmental and economic solution to help people solve the disposal problem. And the recycling needs professional tools to help. GREENMAX from INTCO recycling is a Styrofoam/EPS scraps recycling specialist. It can provide different machines to help reduce the volume of Styrofoam/EPS scraps. By doing this important first step, you will save much storage space and transport costs.


And the recycled materials can be sold to other companies like granulating company to granulate and to make other products. INTCO is such kind of company which has large needs of the recycled Styrofoam/EPS materials and it purchases the materials to reuse to make frame products. So as you know, Styrofoam/EPS scraps are the kind of “resources” which deserve to be recycled like other recyclable items.