GREENMAX Can Help Dispose EPS Like Disposable Food Containers and Cups


With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are concerned about their health. On Jan. 1, New York banned takeout food containers and cups which are made of foam (EPS). Recently, Buffalo has also imposed a ban following the example of New York.


It is reported that benzene and styrenes leach into drinks and food when they are heated. This can lead to an increased risk of cancer, and chemicals entering the body can increase the burden on the kidneys. So it is of great importance for people’s health that reduce the use of these foams.


However, just few cities all over the world banned foam containers. Foam is widely used as food and cup containers as it is cheap and has good insulation properties. Therefore, another problem also should attract people’s attention.


Environmentally, EPS foam is a nightmare. As a possible source of food, small pieces of foam which are broke down by bulldozers are very attractive to wildlife. Birds and fish starve to death with their stomachs stuffed with plastics.


There is an EPS compactor called GREENMAX not only can dispose EPS like disposable food and cup containers, but also can handle XPS, PSP and EPP. Compared the large volume of EPS, GREENMAX is not very big. It has helped many well-known enterprises dispose foam successfully.


An international air conditioning enterprise GREE which is one of world’s top 500 applied GREENMAX EPS compactor for EPS recycling. After using the machine, the original 10 trucks of EPS foam can be finished in one truck.


In a conclusion, it’s necessary for scientists to discover new replacement to reduce the harm to people’s health and environment. Another side, it is a best way to dispose EPS by recycling at present.