How to choose a polystyrene compactor suitable for your company?

During the COVID-19 period, residents in the U.S.A. stayed at home to avoid personal contact, which results in the production of waste polystyrene, such as takeaway boxes and express packages. With the stability of the epidemic, many enterprises are beginning to resume work so that polystyrene recycling is imminent. Recently, INTCO Recycling has received a lot of inquiries about the polystyrene compactor. Let's introduce in detail how to choose a machine suitable for you according to your own needs.

When choosing a polystyrene compactor, consider the following factors:
1. the volume of waste polystyrene
In general, the more waste there is, the more productive machine is needed. GREENMAX polystyrene compactor offered by INTCO Recycling has three capacities: 100 kg per hour / 220 lbs per hour, 200 kg per hour / 440 lbs per hour, and 300 kg per hour / 660 lbs per hour. If you choose a larger capacity machine, your waste can be compressed more timely, thereby saving storage area and labor costs. Of course, when your factory has enough space to put polystyrene in place, you can choose small capacity machines if you’re not eager.

2. the quality of the polystyrene compactor
For some machines, you can find that the steel on the surface is very thin, not to mention the quality of the internal parts. Once the design of a machine without high-quality materials and electrical facilities, it may even break down after a while. Take the screw as example, the screw with poor quality can not be maintained for long, and repeated maintenance will increase a lot of trouble.
So How to judge the quality of parts? One way is that you can feel it directly with your hands. Another way is to pay attention to the brand of their parts when visiting the manufacturers. In addition, remember to choose the polystyrene compactor that meets the international standard, because it represents the strength of the manufacturer.

3. services provided by the brand side
Only a strong company can provide more perfect service, whether customized service or after-sales service. For example, change the number and power of motors according to the regional policy, increase the exhaust pipe and conveyor belt, or make the polystyrene compactor easier to move on the truck.

The above three points are the most important factors for you to consider. Besides, there are still some details that you need to grasp according to your own needs. GREENMAX polystyrene compactor meets all the conditions mentioned above, even after-sales staff will train the works for you. Such a perfect service can be achieved because the GREENMAX manufacturer INTCO has a complete polystyrene recycling industry chain. If you have any questions, please leave a message to INTCO.