How to dispose of Styrofoam packaging during the Christmas in the United States?

Christmas is a good opportunity to express love to friends through gifts. When a lot of gifts are sent out at this time, the wrap materials are often discarded, causing great waste.
According to Jeremy Walters, an industry leader in U.S. recycling, although about 1,000 pounds of extra waste is increased per household during the holiday, 80 percent of it can actually be reused, re-purposed, or recycled. Styrofoam, is such recyclable packaging material.

How to implement Styrofoam packaging recycling?
Nowadays, more and more logistics companies and shopping malls are aware of the importance of Styrofoam packaging recycling, customers can return useless Styrofoam for the first time they get the product, which has greatly enhanced the convenience of Styrofoam recycling. Meanwhile, some communities have also held regular recycling activities with the investment of the government or Coalition.

What is the investment usually used for?
Typically, the investment is used for purchasing a Styrofoam recycling machine that could transfer the loose Styrofoam into a densification form at a ratio of 90:1. Don't underestimate the recycling machine, it can help save about 90 times the transport and storage cost. Once the ingots are packed for shipping out, they can be sold at a high price for making pellets, and then for manufacturers to re-use in their home decoration, photo frames, and other products.

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