How to establish a scientific method of foam box recycling in Oregon?

Foam box, as a damping material, is often used to protect materials from damage during transportation. This kind of cheap material saves a lot of costs for enterprises and is the favorite of manufacturers and logistics providers. However, if you notice the trash around you in Oregon, you will find that foam box is the most commonly discarded, which occupies 30% of the landfill every year. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a scientific foam box recycling system.


Since that, how to establish a mature recycling system? Maybe you can learn from Ritchie trucking service. Ritchie trucking service is an American logistics company and one of the contractors of Ge logistics. It was founded in 1964, mainly responsible for home appliance transportation and door-to-door installation services. Before they met INTCO Recycling, they also had a foam recycling project in the market, but their foams buyers could not provide stable services, so INTCO began working with them to acquire their recycling materials.


In 2019, Ritchie trucking service bought a machine from INTCO by chance, which means that the establishment of a scientific foam recycling system has officially started. After understanding their needs, INTCO formulated a solution according to the characteristics of their company, recommended GREENMAX M-C100, and installed an exhaust pipe as a supporting facility. INTCO continued to buy their waste, achieve the whole process to their satisfaction.


After reading this case, you must have understood the establishment of the foam box recycling system. I'll sort out the process for you again.
1. Collect waste foam.
2. Purchase foam recovery machine
3. Selling foam ingots
Have you ever wondered what the foamed stuff will be used for?
In fact, INTCO's acquisition of foam is used to make particles. INTCO has its own particle production line and its own photo frame production line. The photo frames produced will eventually flow to the secondary market and be sold to consumers.