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Intco 8 Projects Included in the Shandong Energy Saving Environmental Protection Industry Key Project

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Commission and the provincial energy conservation office issued a notice that is about circular on key projects of the province energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Shandong Province, announced the 2015 100 - 2016 energy saving and environmental protection industry key projects, the project plans to invest 22100 million yuan.
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Some companies in Zibo City, Zibo super electric motor Co., an annual output is 200000 sets of new energy automotive powertrain products project, hydraulic hybrid vehicle energy saving device project of Shandong eammar sail mechanical and electrical limited company, Shandong Wei'en electromechanical device limited company with 36000 tons annual output can switched reluctance motor rotor project, Zibo environmental protection new Mstar Technology Ltd run righteousness the coal mine safety to use new materials and thermal insulation and decoration integrated plate project, Shandong days can environmental protection science and technology limited company of annual output of 50000 sets of diesel engine exhaust gas denitration purification device production line project, Shandong Pelley Di Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd. the energy-efficient DDBD plasma Industrial waste gas treatment system, Shandong System Technology Co. Ltd, the comprehensive utilization of fly ash an annual output of 3000000 square meters of new building materials project, Shandong Intco recycling Resources company 100000 tons of waste plastics processing projects, and a total of eight projects are selected, a total investment is 1600 million yuan, the estimated annual sales income is 4290 million yuan, profits is 890 million yuan.

For example, Greenmax Recycling is a brand of Shandong Intco recycling Resources company, GREENMAX recycling specialize in compressing or melting all kinds of EPS material and can help you to reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1. 
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Some people choose to put the EPS into landfills or burn EPS material, but this action have much pollution on air, water and soil. INTCO manufactures and sells styrofoam recycling machines/System and Compactors/Densifiers , purchases back compressed EPS scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.