INTCO can achieve the goal of saving resources and reducing environmental pollution to a large extent


Under the influence of economic globalization, China's economy has been developing rapidly. As an important component of economic development, the express industry has also been developing rapidly. Coupled with the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, the express industry has risen rapidly and maintained a good momentum of sustained and rapid growth.

The development of express packaging industry has also brought about the problem of excessive packaging and low recycling rate. Some packaging can even cause a lot of pollution, which brings enormous pressure and heavy burden to the environment. For example, a lot of polystyrene foam packaging is sent to a landfill after using, which will cause white pollution to the environment.


Packaging materials for express packaging mainly include paper, cardboard boxes, polystyrene foam insulation boards, bubble bags and plastic bags. After receiving the express, almost all people cleaned up the boxes as garbage, which greatly wasted natural resources.
In addition, the plastic material can not be degraded by the environment, and it is very harmful to the environment. The main material of white foam used for filling is polystyrene. The degradation of this kind of material takes hundreds of years. If it is discarded and landfill, it will bring irreversible damage to the water source and soil. Therefore, if we can change the existing situation, we will save resources and reduce environmental pollution to a large extent.


Actually, the waste polystyrene foam can be recycled to make picture frames. You must be curious about that the technology of achieving the goal of turning waste into treasure.

INTCO Recycling will tell you the answer of recycling polystyrene packaging: the waste polystyrene material can be compacted by a polystyrene compactor. The compactor can smash the the foam into EPS blocks with a ratio up to 50:1. The compacted EPS blocks are also a valuable material that can be granulated into PS pellets and then reused to make into picture frames.


As you can see, INTCO can achieve the goal of saving resources and reducing environmental pollution to a large extent.