INTCO Recycling can cost-effectively achieve the goal of getting the value out of waste materials


When it comes to foam packaging, we first think of polystyrene foam packaging. In fact, in our lives, polystyrene foam packaging is a kind of very common and versatile material. Due to its perfect characteristics it is very popular in the packaging industry. 


Polystyrene foam packaging is relatively light, and is very convenient in handling. It has been widely applied in the field of packaging materials. This kind of packaging material is non-toxic, non odorless and non corrosive. It has good heat resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation and abrasion resistance.


What's more, Because it is a closed cell structure, it has good water resistance. More importantly, the polystyrene packaging material is very important to ensure the safety of the goods during the transportation process. The good’s foam packaging has good protection function, and it can ensure the safety of the product in circulation.


Unfortunately, the waste polystyrene foam packaging are discarded after using, some people think that the best way to dispose of foam packaging is to send it to a landfill, because it can make it disappear completely. 


But they are wrong , the garbage will change the properties of the soil and raise the soil temperature, so that the soil can not be used to grow. More seriously, the waste foam packaging is difficult to decompose in nature, it may be take more than 500 years to degrade, so recycling polystyrene packaging is very important for us.


Considering that packaging material is very large in volume, we have to reduce its volume. A polystyrene compactor can crushed and compact the packaging into EPS blocks with a compression ratio of 50:1. After reducing its volume, it is easy to reuse it to make other valuable things.

With INTCO Recycling , utilizing the waste polystyrene foam resources can reach the maximum effect, so the polystyrene packaging can be fully recycled and reused.