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Is Recycling Waste Plastic Foam?

Plastic foam products are often used in home appliances packaging, fish boxes, vegetable boxes and so on. Different numbers of EPS boxes are from different areas or business use, EPS foam volume is extremely huge and can not be degraded, eventually with the water into the sea. It is easy to cause white pollution. EPS foam products are generally air, and is biodegradable and eventually enriched in the ocean, easily threatened human beings.


About a third of the sea already exists plastic products. Currently, on average, the number of sea garbage increased, but these plastic affects not only fish, but also affects those tiny creatures at the bottom of the food chain.


sea pollution

EPS landfill and burning, easily to cause pollution of the soil and the atmosphere, thereby endangering human health. GREENMAX EPS recycling machine can recycle efficiently by physical method cold compress or hot melt EPS, reuse, granulation, making picture frames and other products.


plastic recycle

Many governments have been proposed major hygiene conscious manufacturers to join action to protect the Earth, it will also be supported by manufacturers such as Unilever and L'Oreal. EPS recycling can help to solve the marine pollution from other aspects of the situation, because it is closely related to public life, be able to emphasize the importance of environmental protection to the public.


 To do plastic products recycling, in addition to educate and guide the public environmental awareness and health consciousness, it should also promote polystyrene recycling machine, the public has the conscious of environmental protection, with health awareness, waste plastic foam packaging products will naturally be recycled.