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Many organizations make contributions to plastic film recycling

People gradually become to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. And some environmental protection organizations even sponsor communities and schools the competitions of recycling plastic films. The competition aims to expand education to the youth and the community about proper recycling of plastics.


Some organizations which focus on environment protection have formed new partnerships with relevant environmental agencies. The aim is at promoting sustainable materials management for plastics. It offers a systematic approach to more efficiently using and reusing materials throughout their life cycles to reduce environmental impacts and waste.
Both of the environmental organizations and agencies will work together to decrease disposal rates by tracking and lowering the overall amount of plastics disposed through activities that enable source reduction, reuse, recycling, and prevention. They will also reduce environmental impacts—including greenhouse gas emissions, water, and energy use—of plastics throughout their life cycles.
Organizations are looking forward to collaborating with protection agencies to reduce environmental impacts from plastics. People believe that there are great gains to be made for the environment and society.


People should advance the adoption of sustainable materials such as polystyrene films. By relying on a full evaluation of a material’s life cycle, sustainable materials can help people make more informed choices that conserve resources and reduce overall environmental impacts.
In addition, many companies which have the technology and machines are contributing to the efficient recycling methods. INTCO is a professional company in dealing with waste plastic such as EPS, XPS and PSP. The company also produces recycling machines include compactors and melting machines. INTCO provides people the reasonable price, alone with the advanced technology and service.