Mobile foam recycling model is becoming popular in Malaysia

You probably know that foam #6 (expanded polystyrene) is recyclable, but have you heard of the mobile recycling model? Mobile foam recycling is needed by most residential communities, waste management companies, furniture stores and other places. At present, the mobile foam recycling model is also popular in Malaysia.

Mobile recycling has made waste foam recycling easier and more convenient. You no longer have to worry about the shipping cost that depends on amount of waste that will accumulate and how often it will be transported, and you also don't have to worry about storage space. Foam #6 is known to be light and bulky. High storage and transportation costs are a major problem in the recycling process of polystyrene waste.

The GREENMAX foam densifier was bought by a foam manufacturer and cutter in Malaysia. Initially, they intended to buy the machine to dispose the waste material in the foam production process. However, due to the small amount of waste, the budget of the machine was not high. After learning the profits of the recycled foam ingots, and INTCO recycling also recycle the melted foam ingots, the company decided to purchase the GREENMAX foam densifier and collect foam waste from other small manufacturers and foam products end users.

Taking into account the need to pick up foam waste at various points, our customer began to use the mobile recycling model, placing the machine on a truck and then transporting it to various sites to compress the waste. This model not only reduces the transportation cost of loose foam materials, but also saves storage space.

It is believed that mobile recycling will become more and more popular in the future. Start your foam recycling business and you'll reap the unexpected rewards.