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Plastic Films Recycling

Several years ago, millions of different forms of plastic – including bags, sacks and wraps were generated around the world. Less than 15 percent of the plastic films of the total were recycled.
People paid little attention about recycling, but due to the serious white pollution, people gradually become to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. And some environmental protection organizations even sponsor communities and schools the competitions of recycling plastic films. The competition aims expand education to youth and the community about proper recycling of plastics.


Instead of dumping plastic film in area landfills, those involved are hopeful that the program will inspire the community to take action by delivering the plastic to local grocery stores.
The authority encourages schools to join the Plastic Film Recycling Challenge to help increase community awareness on proper recycling of plastic film. Organizations are asking local schools in the regions to take action to collect plastic film for proper recycling. This will allow it to be recovered for recycling into brand new items and divert it from being sent to the regional landfill.
Participating schools will compete against each other to see which school can collect the highest amount of plastic film, which will be determined by weight and will be recorded each week by a volunteer. Once it’s gathered, the plastic will be delivered to a participating retailer. Plastic that cannot be placed in curbside recycling bins, but can be recycled at local grocery stores are grocery bags and bread bags.
When residents place plastic film in their recycling bin, it contaminates acceptable recyclables and also causes mechanical problems at the recycling center. Organizations encourage residents to utilize the plastic film recycling programs provided by retailers across the region.


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