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Plastic Packaging Bags Will Be Developed Along The Direction Of Environmental Protection

With the development of society and people's rising living standards, people's requirements on environmental protection, practical and aesthetic are more particular. As consumers, when we are in the purchase, we tend to choose environmentally friendly plastic packaging, plastic bags will also be developed along the green direction in the future.

green bags

Plastic bags can be seen almost everywhere because it is easy to use and inexpensive. Development of plastic bags increasingly become a hot topic in recent years, because a lot of waste plastic bags are discarded at random, which gives us serious environmental pollution and harm. And this white pollution is increasingly serious in recent years , so people have to pay attention to the development of the green revolution in plastic bags, which is to be produced plastic bags by better way, enables the use of plastic bags is more consistent with the road of green development.

Generally speaking, there is no completely environmentally friendly plastic bags, only after some plastic bags added some ingredients, they can be easily degradable. Green plastic bags included recycled plastic bags and new plastic bags. The plastic bags are added degradable plastic material which called biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags can automatically decompose for 90 days under certain conditions. Now using environmentally friendly decomposition is relatively faster, it may break down within a year. Olympic biodegradable environmentally friendly plastic bags can decompose after discarded 72 days. But in fact the most environmentally friendly method is not plastic bags or plastic bags with a fixed use. Reducing consumption and waste plastic bags recycling is a very great way to reduce environmental pollution. Like EPS recycling, EPS also can be seen everywhere. The commonly seen packages of domestic appliance, instrument, artware and fast food are all EPS. The food tray and cups and the boxes containing the fishes or fruits are also made of EPS. They are disposable, easily becoming the white pollution, so expanded polystyrene recycling is very necessary to protect our environment with GREENMAX recycling machine such as polystyrene densifier and EPS compactor.

plstic bags recycling

As people's aesthetic requirements increasing, the requirement for plastic bags is naturally more selective. Product packaging reflects the image of the enterprise and stores, even more important is the direct stimulation of consumer's purchasing desire.