Polystyrene recycling should replace the landfill of polystyrene packaging


Polystyrene (also known as EPS Foam or Styrofoam) is a highly popular plastic packaging material which finds wide application in packaging of food items, electronic goods, electrical appliances, furniture etc due to its excellent insulating and protective properties.

Polystyrene is used to make other useful products such as disposable cups, trays, cutlery, cartons, cases etc. Even though polystyrene is favored for its insulating and protective qualities, and is often chosen for packaging, unfortunately it is financially and environmentally expensive to send to landfill due to the material’s bulkiness.



What’s worse, it can take thousands of years for polystyrene packaging to break down in landfill, but if you find professional polystyrene recycling solutions to dispose the bulky materials, it is also able to be manufactured back into products like plastic fame products to ensure your waste material is recycled and to give you a 'greener' alternative to using a landfill site.

Despite the attractiveness of polystyrene, municipalities and organizations are facing a growing problem in disposal of polystyrene packaging and products. Being large and bulky, polystyrene take up significant space in rubbish bins which means that bins becomes full more quickly and therefore needs to be emptied more often.


Polystyrene is lightweight compared to its volume so it occupies lots of precious landfill space and can be blown around and cause a nuisance in the surrounding areas. So the most effective solution is polystyrene recycling.

The first step of polystyrene recycling is to reduce the volume, and then it will be more convenient to transport and recycle the polystyrene materials. Foam volume reduction machines like compactors and densifiers can be supplied by GREENMAX from INTCO recycling.



Such machines can work at high ratio which can ensure people to turn the loose foam into high density blocks or ingots. Then it will be easier for people to stock and sell the compressed or densified materials. And with those machines, you can cover your costs only a few tons a month later. So as you know, polystyrene recycling is quite a valuable thing to do instead of pay money to send polystyrene to landfill.