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Popularity of Polystyrene Packaging Materials Soared

Recetntly, the German plastics trade group IK participated in an on airpop / EPS (also known as polystyrene foam) packaging image investigation. People participating in the survey said that the biggest advantage of polystyrene foam packaging is the ability to efficiently protect the product, but also the weight is very light. The results show that the packaging material is very pleasing.


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Popularity of polystyrene packaging materials soared
The survey sponsored by Ri * QUESTA. In 2013, they also launched such surveys, after the packaging is made from EPS, its image improved 11%. According to the survey, in Germany, currently 54% of the population has a good impression on EPS packaging. Their focus is on home appliances and consumer electronics products packaging. In such an important community decision-makers, EPS packaging support rate also rose by 20%.


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"The survey results show that ongoing public relations campaign is already in force over the past few years. In the future, we will not only deliver this particular product protective function, also will preach resource protection, especially suitable polystyrene recycling mode."

"We are very pleased that we have a significant improvement in EPS packaging impression, in particular, appreciate the usefulness of this material." IK general manager UlfKelterborn said. But for packaging recycling and related protective resource, they are skeptical.

Later on, INTCO GREENMAX recycling tried their best to design and develop a series of waste foam recycling machine to solve these polystyrene packaging recycling problems. Some EPS recyclers found that when they collect and recycle waste EPS, it is very inconvenient and difficult to transport and store so that they will spend more cost in Styrofoam packaging recycling. With a long time studying and developing, GREENMAX machine manufactured Styrofoam compactor and EPS densifier system.