Recycling polystyrene packaging while enjoying the convenience brought by express delivery service


Disposing of express packaging is an exciting and troublesome thing. There is o doubt that receiving a package is pleasant, but it is really a problem to deal with the large and bulky packaging material as polystyrene.


In order to reduce the possibility of damage to items, Merchants and delivery companies often wear "protective clothing" such as polystyrene layer to prevent the products from being destroyed.



We need these materials to protect the goods in express delivery. However, most of the express packages are discarded after fishing the packaging role, which creates a lot of garbage and finally causes serious environmental pollution, especially non-degradable plastic packaging as well as polystyrene scraps.


In face of these massive waste packaging materials generated in the era of online shopping, we are calling for rational packaging and design of degradable packaging materials, while recycling can also contribute to environmental protection.



For us personally, please carefully disassemble the package when receiving it. Don’t discard it! The polystyrene packaging can be used twice or recycled to make new foam products.


For express delivery companies, the large amount of waste packaging, if recycled properly, is also a way to gain profits. For example, customers are encouraged to keep express packages intact, collect a certain amount and then recycle polystyrene, and give them a certain discount amount at the next express delivery. As for the recycled packaging materials, whether they are directly reused or further processed needs to be considered. The polystyrene packaging can be recycled by GREENMAX polystyrene compactor and sold to the recyclers or manufacturers. In this way, it will be turned into new foam products like picture frames, clothes hangers, decorative molding and so on.



While enjoying the convenience brought by express delivery service, GREENMAX also reminds you not to ignore the waste and pollution caused by express packages.