Styrofoam recycling is the best choice for resource-poor Hawaii

Hawaii's residents are isolated in the central Pacific and rely heavily on imports of everyday products, including appliances, bread, clothing and building materials, making it one of the most expensive states in the United States. Not only that, a large amount of imported goods also brought a lot of Styrofoam packaging trash to the island of Hawaii.

The environmental pollution caused by lightweight Styrofoam packaging waste on the island is particularly worrying because it can easily be blown out of the trash can and eventually into the sea. All Styrofoam debris can harm the health of the ocean and coastal areas because it is not biodegradable and breaks down into fine particles.

After generating a large amount of Styrofoam packaging waste, how to prevent Styrofoam packaging waste from polluting the environment? Recycling is the best answer people have come up with. The three R - reduced, reused and recycled, end up turning Styrofoam packaging trash into a commodity instead of being thrown into a landfill.

Styrofoam recycling requires some equipment to assist. Styrofoam compactor A-C200 is the recycling machine that can save the most cost. A small amount of labor is responsible for putting Styrofoam packaging trash into the hopper mouth of the machine, and the waste is compressed into a 50: 1 Styrofoam block by the built-in screw of the machine, which greatly improves the storage efficiency in the recycling process, thereby reducing costs.

Styrofoam block can be used as a raw material for products such as photo frames, hangers, etc. Styrofoam recycling is not only the prevention of further environmental pollution, but also the best way to recycle resources. For the island of Hawaii, where resources are scarce, saving resources is very important.

All in all, before looking for alternative materials for Styrofoam, Styrofoam recycling is the best choose to deal with a large amount of Styrofoam packaging waste.