Styrofoam recycling through GREENMAX ought to be highly appreciated


Styrofoam recycling is an optimized measure which is environmentally harmless, also known as re-resource technology. Many scientific research units over the world have being concentrated on the Styrofoam recycling, and some have reached the practical level. The methods are mainly through chemical recycling or mechanized recycling to achieve the regeneration of resources.



As a feasibility method to reconcile Styrofoam with the environment, Chemical recycling once gained central attention of all countries. By decomposing Styrofoam into monomers, compounds, fuels and other reusable ingredients, Styrofoam recycling becomes a truly closed loop process. Although the chemical recycling is not peculiar in terms of the reaction mechanism, yet there exist many engineering problems needed to be resolved when each process needs to be put into practice.
Meanwhile, whatever the difficulties that people may meet in the Styrofoam recycling process, they always need professional tools that can help them recycle Styrofoam for the first step.Therefore, an increasingly number of manufacturers try to use the machine to achieve the purpose of recycling. They can use the existing technology and equipment, such as compactors and densifiers, which turn out to be the main and most effective solution.



INTCO recycling is a company which has been in recycling business for many years. GREENMAX from INTCO can provide total solutions to the Styrofoam recycling with professional Styrofoam recycling machines including compactors and densifiers. Such machines are needed to reduce the Styrofoam volume for the first step, which is good for saving storage space and transportation costs. Moreover, INTCO recycling is also committed to granulting recycled pellets from recycled Styrofoams with its professional granulating lines. It uses the best machine”EREMA” to granulate and its recycled PS pellets are with high quality and stability, which can be applied into making other products. So there is no denying that Styrofoam recycling through GREENMAX ought to be highly appreciated.