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The Classification Of Eps Products

The life of polystyrene foam is shorter, about 50% of polystyrene foam product life is only two years, 97% of polystyrene foam products useful life is not exceeding 10 years, resulting in waste volume increased year by year. From the product type, the source of waste materials are disposable polystyrene foam packaging materials, foam cushioning materials, disposable lunch boxes, disposable containers, household items, children toys, piping, insulation boards, building materials and plant processes and other scrap materials.

polystyrene foam

The recycling process can be classified according to the source of waste polystyrene foam products, shape, material properties, impurities, moisture content, purity of raw materials.

According to sources, EPS can be divided into: single plastic products, similar plastic products, mixed plastics. The first two EPS products have high recycling value, can produce high-quality PS pellets. Single EPS foam plastic products contain scrap fish boxes, large amount of foam dust; the similar plastic products contain household appliances, packaging materials, damping materials; mixed plastic products contain various waste PS foam from recycling trash.


eps boxes

According to the shape, EPS can be divided into: foam, cold foam, hot foam, densiifed EPS blocks. If recycling uncompressed EPS foam directly, we need high transport costs, production efficiency is low.

According to material characteristic, EPS can be divided into: pure PS foam, PS foam containing flame retardants, PE foam, EVA and so on.



In addition, recycled material can assess comprehensively according to the source of waste PS foam, material properties, morphology, impurities, moisture content and other information, is divided into one, two, three different levels. The waste EPS foam recycling grade improved economic recycling business, while maintaining the maximum possible performance of recycled materials, make the best use of them.